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Google Retiring App Inventor With Google Labs Shutdown

Google posted via their Google Labs blog today that App Inventor is the next part of Google Labs to start a phase out.  App Inventor was targeted to first time developers and developer hobbyists who may have had an idea for an easy to build app and no programming or coding experience.  App Inventor built apps in visual blocks verses writing code.

Whack A Mole style games, tic tac toe games, flash cards and apps of that nature were born from the app inventor.  Some app inventor users were even able to upload apps to the Android Market and make some good candy money on the side.

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Google announced that they were “winding down” Google Labs back on July 20th. It’s their intention to spark innovation and experimentation across all of their products. Google feels that a wider experiment like Google+ helps them study the innovation, and revamp it quicker than the focused Google Labs.

App Inventor was one of those Google Labs products.   App Inventor will phase out completely by the end of the year, at least from Google Labs point of view. They did announce though, that they will be changing the url shortly so check back here for an update. Google does plan on opening the App Inventor source code so that developers can use it to develop more apps, it just won’t have a home at Google Labs.

If you want to try it out follow this link, it’s still open for a few more months

Source: Google Labs via Phandroid

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