Google+ Reaches 25 Million Users In 27 Days

Google+ keeps busting social media network records right out of the ballpark.  ComScore announced today that Google reached 25 million users on July 24th. That’s just 27 days after their beta, invite only launch on June 28th.

According to the comscore data Google+ is growing at a rate of about 1 million users per day. If you’re wondering how that stacks up, it took Twitter 30 months to reach 25 million. It took a little less than two years for MySpace to get to 25  million. Facebook took three years to attract 25 million.

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Facebook was limited to just college students at first however, even after they opened the flood gates their rate of acquisition for new users was nowhere near Google+.  Another alarming fact is that FourSquare has only 10 million users after it’s introduction at South By Southwest in 2009.  Both Google+ and Facebook offer place checkins as part of their social networks.

Source: Reuters/Yahoo

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