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Google Holding Tablet Focused Android Developer Labs

Google has announced a new set of Android Developer Labs in Seattle, New York and Los Angeles. The labs actually started August 2nd in Bangalore.

Google is targeting experienced Android developers who already have apps in the app market.  The application requires your Android market email address. They also want the developer’s to include the package name of their best Android application already published in the Android Market.

There seems to be a new Android tablet announced or released every week, however it’s clear that Android developers’ aren’t keeping up with the activations or the hardware released when it comes to tablets.  Google is trying to change that by taking their best developer’s who currently offer phone apps and getting them to create tablet apps.

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Apple boasts over 100,000 iPad specific apps. Google won’t release the numbers on Honeycomb applications but at this point it’s safe to say it’s not even close.  When you compare hardware to hardware along with the feature sets in Android 3.1 Honeycomb to the iPad there is a clear advantage in Android.  However it’s safe to say that our current app offerings are probably the biggest downside to the Honeycomb tablet experience.

The Android Developer Labs are one day labs. To accommodate the huge number of developer Google is holding two different sessions for two different sets of people in Seattle and New York. Below is the schedule linked to the sign up pages.

Seattle August 15th & 16th

New York August 23rd & 24th

Los Angeles September 2

Source: Android Developer’s Blog

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