Google+ Adds Verification Check Marks On Celebrity And Popular G+ Accounts

Twitter used to have little check marks next to celebrity and popular twitter accounts. This was in an effort to stop “fake” celebrity account from showing up on Twitter.  They stopped that process some time ago, however celebrities can still get “verified” through as Charlie Sheen did when he was having his 15 minutes of glory.

Google+ is now offering a similar service where they will put a little check mark next to celebrity, and influential user names so you know that person is the real deal. A lot of celebrities and influential tech people are participating in Google+ on a regular basis and it will give a piece of mind to those who are new to the service to know that these people are who they say they are.

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Google is calling this “Verification Badges”. This program was announced by Google’s Wen-Ai Yu in a video blog post on Google’s official blog.  She says that right now Google is focused on verifying celebrities, public figures and those who’ve been added to a large amount of circles. If you want your own name verified she advises to “hang tight”.  Watch here entire video below:

source: Google via CNet

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