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Germany May Have Stopped Amazon But It’s Not Stopping The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

Earlier in the week we told you that Amazon has been forced to stop taking Android app submissions from German developers. This stemmed from a trademark infringement suit involving Apple and Amazon. Apple contends in the suit that they hold the trademark to the words “App Store” and Amazon needs to change the name of their “App Store”.

Our feeling here is that App Store is as common place as the grocery store is now.  Apple was also NOT the first company to offer an e-commerce place to purchase and download applications for portable devices and mobile phones. That hallmark belongs to Handango and the days of Palm, then Windows Phone, years before Apple and the iPhone came online.

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Monday there was a story running that we picked up that said Samsung was not going to sell the Galaxy Tab in Australia where they were facing a patent infringement suit from Apple.  Apple alleges that the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 violates 10 of their patents. Samsung has since refuted the claim and said they are pushing forward with an Australian version of the Galaxy Tab that is different from the one released here back on June 8th.

Germany is about to receive the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. According to Amazon that date will be August 18th.  The reported price from Samsung is 629 euro which equates to about $892 US.  According to unwired, Amazon is going to be selling the tablet for 569 euro.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 will be available in a soft black and pure white.  We’re sure that Samsung wants to get the Galaxy Tab 10.1 in as many German hands as possible before the world takes to Messe Berlin for IFA the first week in September.  The original 7″ Samsung Galaxy Tab was launched at last years IFA convention, in Germany.

Source: Unwired

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