Gadget Spotlight: Optoma PK301 Projector

If you’re in the market for a pico projector than Optoma is the first place I would look. Optoma has been an industry standard in projectors for nearly a decade, but long gone are the days of wheeling in the best projector to the conference room. Nowadays the pico projector is a must have for the presenter in the digital age. Optoma has some great pico projectors out there. We’ve been using and testing the PK301 for quite some time.

The Optoma PK301 Projector has some awesome features available. It can project movies from your Android device (through HDMI out), iPod, XBox, Hard Drive, or any computer. With a 120″ diagonal display, it has a great picture and sound quality and it’s so compact you can take it just about anywhere.  Imagine doing an elevator pitch, compete with slides right.

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The Optoma looks like a micro-version of one of Optoma’s leading full sized projectors. It’s a rectangular device measuring in at 4.7×2.7×1.2 inches and it’s really light coming in at around 8oz. The PK301 has your ins and outs covered too as if it were a full sized projector including mini-HDMI, a 24 pin universal connector, and a microSD card slot designed to give you optimum ways to use the projector. Optoma was even kind enough to lend us a cable that allowed us to play movies off my ipod onto the wall.  You can use the audio output to hook to headphones or an external speaker.

One of the most interesting use cases we’ve seen with the Optoma PK301 projector was a man who had installed a tripod like device on a backpack and rested the Optoma projector on top of the tripod to play Angry Birds on the side of buildings at South By Southwest.

It works great for a family movie night, game night, or an outdoor movie night with your friends. Overall it works great for casual use. It’s not your heavy duty projector that takes over the entire wall in your living room, but it is lightweight and more portable than any projector I’ve seen. It’s about the size of a small hard drive, can connect to your computer using a female micro USB cable, MicroSD card (up to 16 GB) and it lets you navigate throught all of your files.

The biggest draw to the PK301 is the vesatility of it. Imagine being about to through Angry Birds or Fruit Ninja up on a wall with all your friends over and having an Android gaming tournament in your living room.  Also if you travel like we do the Optoma PK301 is a projector that takes up virtually no space and if you’re in a hotel without an HDMI equipped tv you can watch the content off your Android phone by simply hooking it up via HDMI.

At first I was a little skeptical of the quality of the of such a tiny projector, but I was seriously surprised by the power of compact machine. Also you can run it off the AC adaptor or it can run for over 90 minutes on a battery charge. It also has an extended battery pack availabl that will extended te battery an additional hour and a half!

If you’re in the market for a pico projector I highly recommend that Optoma PK301 follow the link below…

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