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Gadget Spotlight: Cobra iRadar

Apps have come a long way in the our nearly 3 years of Android bliss. There have been a few out there that work as radar detectors, police warnings, and other types of anti-ticket protection. The Cobra iRadar has now raised the bar in this area. The iRadar looks like your typical radar detector the you can pick up at an electronics store and hope it works. The wonderful thing about the iRadar is that it connects to your phone through Bluetooth, then you download the app from the Market. Where your average radar detector would just beep in general for radar, not really telling you what the beeping means.

With the application of the Cobra iRadar you get to choose what types of radar you are notified of, plus you get to decide if you want to be notified of photo enforcement areas, known speed traps, red light cameras, and dangerous intersections. It has detection of all radar and laser guns used by law enforcement and it does this with complete 360 degrees of protection.

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The Cobra iRadar lets you run it with the app open or not. The App itself allows you to see your speed and the speed limit where you are and it allows you to

change all of the settings for the iRadar attached to your window. It has different settings for City and Highway modes, also it allows you to see the alert history and you can set an alert for when you are speeding so you can slow down.One of the coolest features in my opinion is that you can flag certain areas when you see a cop checking speed and you can see this on the map. It also monitors your battery in your car.

It does all of this with the iRadar device(RAD 105) and the Application for the iRadar. I’ll admit that I was skeptical at first. It just simply sounds too good to be true, also I am a person that drives with a Bluetooth headset on at all times, and I do a lot of driving all over the country. Well the Cobra iRadar uses a different Bluetooth profile than your headset uses since it only needs to link with the application. So you can still use either the Bluetooth in your car or your favorite Bluetooth headset to handle all your calls, music, GPS navigation, Vlingo, or anything else you see fit. And your radar detection is never interrupted but any of this.

The Cobra iRadar also surprised me at how accurate it was. Normally I never go more than 5-7 miles over the speedlimit, but without cruise control my foot can get a little heavy on those long stretches of road. The iRadarnotifies you in enough time to slow down by simply coasting down to a lower speed. The only part that would make it slightly annoying on long roadtrips on the interstate is, with the 360 degrees of protection, you also get notified of the cops on the other side of the interstate that are shooting radar. But as I like to think of it, better safe than sorry.

All in all this is a wonderful product and it has made my roadtrips so much easier, that is unless I’m in the very long stretch that is Virginia. The Cobra iRadar for Android is available at Best Buy and On Amazon it is $129.00 and the Android App is Free. The iRadar is totally worth it for driving around town and especially for those long roadtrips. So if you travel as much as I do or you just take a few family roadtrips every year, it’s definitely the best alternative to getting speeding tickets. Plus it helps you be a better driver all the way around.

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