Facebook For Android Updated Again, New Compose Bar

Facebook for Android has been on a roll lately, and they’ve just updated it to version 1.6.3. After releasing the over-hyped and unpopular 1.6 update (just a port of the mobile site), many users received crashed and force closes and were very unhappy. Version 1.6.1 and 1.6.2 fixed a few things, but the app still isn’t as good as other OS competitors. With the latest update, Facebook has added a few features and fixed a few bugs. The main UI change you will notice is a newly updates “compose” bar, the rest of the updates are as follows:

  1. New in v1.6.3:
  2. Improved the design of the composer bar
  3. Fixed a bug which made birthdays disappear
  4. Fixed the Quick Contacts overlay in Friends
  5. Fixed an issue which caused a crash on start after upgrade

Facebook is continuing to improve their Android app, and even though they have a ways to go, it is getting better. Now if only we could get decent push notifications. Be sure to stay tuned to TheDroidGuy for more coverage on the latest app updates.

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