EXCLUSIVE: Does New TI Image Point To OMAP Processor In First Ice Cream Sandwich Phone

Between Androidandme and Boy Genius Report Samsung, HTC, and LG are all making the next version of the Google Nexus phone, and the first phone to run the next version of Android, dubbed “Ice Cream Sandwich”.

Although most Android enthusiasts, fans and users knew that after Honeycomb the next version of Android would have some sweet name that began with “I”, Google’s former CEO, Eric Schmidt, took great pride in announcing that same information at MWC.¬† Then at Google I/O the Ice Cream Sandwich logo was unveiled and it was confirmed that Ice Cream Sandwich would merge the best parts of Gingerbread with the best parts of Honeycomb.

It was also revealed that we should see the first devices with Ice Cream Sandwich by the end of 2011, hopefully in time for the holiday shopping season.

While it’s anyones guess who will actually make the next Android phone, we are wondering if this graphic sent out by Texas Instruments (for the Androidhomecoming and Big Android BBQ websites) is an indication that the dual channel OMAP processor may in fact be on board the first Ice Cream Sandwich device.

Again only time will tell but we’re thinking there will big news this fall.

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