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EXCLUSIVE: Dear Motorola What Happened To LapDock Pricing? Lapdock $299.97

After Motorola and AT&T priced the Motorola Lapdock in AT&T stores out of the market Motorola promised to bring the webtop accessories to other devices and at better price points.

When the Motorola Atrix lapdock was announced it was $499 straight out of the store and $350 when bundled with an Atrix on a two year contract.  Based on the screenshot of Verizon Wireless’ infamous Infomanager, the Motorola Droid Bionic’s Lapdock will come in at just $50 less than the Motorola Atrix’s version of the same device.  Verizon will be offering the lapdock at $299.97

That’s a far cry from rethinking the pricing on what is really just a larger display, keyboard and extended battery.  Also keep in mind that the Motorola Lapdock is powered by your Droid Bionic and it’s data plan.


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