EA Launches Free Version Of Tetris Exclusively To Android

Tetris, the wildly addicting puzzle game that we’ve been playing since the original GameBoy is finally free. We’re not talking about some downloaded apk off a torrent site or getting a hook up or even an Amazon free for a day promotion.  EA Sports has proudly announced that Tetris Free will join Scrabble Free in the Android Market.

Tetris is available on 50 different platforms and in more than 185 countries. It’s also one of the most copied games in the world.

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Tetris is one of the most distinctive, well-known and popular video game franchises in the world and it gives EA the opportunity to grow its already-expanding customer base on the Android platform,” said Bernard Kim, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for EA Interactive. “Tetris has a strong legacy in the mobile gaming world and we’re excited to bring a free version of Tetris to yet another great platform.”

Tetris Free includes the addicting and ever so popular Tetris music and die hard Tetris fans will be happy to know that Marathon Mode is included in this version as well. This version also includes the ability to track your stats and high scores as well.


“The Tetris brand is more relevant today than ever and we are thrilled to bring the game to yet another platform,” said Henk Rogers, President and CEO, Blue Planet Software, Inc. “Now, with the free version for Android users, fans can fall in love with the Tetris game all over again.”

Electronic Arts otherwise known as EA, has an amazing portfolio of games across a myriad of systems.  EA has always been comfortable with a premium pricing mode because they are extremely confident in the long standing playability and familiarity of their titles.  However EA recently acquired PopCap the creators of the infamous Plants Vs Zombies and Chuzzle which are freemium titles.

After putting two of their most familiar titles into the freemium space we’re wondering what’s next out of the EA catalog.

What are you waiting for download it free here

Source: Electronic Arts