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Droid Bionic Twitter Account Fake; Like You Didn’t See That Coming

Shocker!!! (sarcasm)

The Twitter account that’s been tweeting as @droidbionic is not owned or maintained by Motorola or Verizon. Are you surprised? We’re not. However a few blogs out there had taken what they said like it was gospel. Luckily PC Magazine’s Sascha Segan was on the case.  Rather than report what that twitter account said as gospel he had the common cents to contact both Motorola and Verizon who both confirmed that Twitter account is a fake.

Segan points out that he was tipped off by the grammar, punctuation and non-professionalism of this account. The Droid Bionic Twitter account tweeted “No pre-orders yet,” which is grammatically incorrect. Although this account is fake, Droid Landing is not and they  have been riddled with grammar errors every time Verizon has used that account for a product launch.

So the September 8th launch date that has been tweeted by this mysterious Twitter account may not actually happen, although it’s still the hottest rumor available.

Source: PC Mag

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