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DOH!! HTC Incredible S aka Droid Incredible 2 Makes Cameo In Blackberry Promotional Video

We’ve seen it happen several times where an anxious advertising department has incorrectly identified an Android device in say a Best Buy or Radio Shack ad, or even on a Best Buy or Radio Shack web page, however this one is a major screw up.  We first saw this on Phandroid, and like our buddy Chris Chavez points out, there’s a chance the video will be taken down shortly (if RIM is smart) however if you watch the video below for the Blackberry All Touch Torch 9850 you’ll notice a familiar little guy around :15.

In the comments on Youtube androidbugler points it out at first and they try to shut him down but you can’t mistake the HTC buttons or the Android bar at the top. If you watch the video 9 times, like we did you’ll notice that none of the other phones in the video have the same bar at the top they have a more “Blackberryesque” bar.

UPDATE: 9:25PM PDT: RIM has made the video private
UPDATE 2 Got a good copy of the video from Engadget

Source: YouTube via Phandroid

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