Does Amazon Domain Purchase Signal Arrival of Tablets?

Our good friend Q over at Phandroid has discovered (by way of fusible) that Amazon has recently purchased the domain names and

We all know that the Amazon Kindle is one of the most popular e-book readers out there, so expanding upon the Kindle brand would be a smart decision.  It’s been widely reported that Amazon is working on two awesome Android tablets. One is 7″ and a dual core and the other is said to be 10″ and a quad core. We’ve also heard that at least one of the tablets would make it’s debut in the fall and the fall is now just weeks away.

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For years, survey after survey has revealed that is one of the, if not the, most trusted online brand by consumers. That’s one of the things that will give Amazon a competitive edge in the tablet space. When the iPad hit the street it had the “i-tunes” eco-system firmly cemented before it’s arrival.  Amazon is in a similar situation, however their online commerce is much more refined, and has been around longer than itunes.  Amazon has also recently gotten into the cloud delivered music, video and app space.

Back on June 28th it was reported that Amazon has ordered enough parts to produce 4 million tablets for their initial release.  That was right after a survey revealed that consumers want to buy an Amazon tablet, and trust the Amazon brand.  Until now the only indication of names for the Amazon tablets were Coyote and Hollywood, could these Kindle Scribes be those tablets?

Source: Phandroid