Dell Puts Original Streak Out Of It’s Misery

It seems like a 5 inch screen was either too big for a phone or too small for a tablet because the Dell Streak 5 didn’t get the worldwire adoption that Michael Dell was expecting when he first announced it nearly 2 years ago.  Delay after delay and then only being released on Dell’s website may also have led to the demise of the 5″ tablet.  Whatever the reason though Dell has officially ended it’s life with this web page announcement.

Earlier this summer we reported that Dell took a dive into the 10″ Android 3.x Honeycomb tabletsphere but only in China. Also a little over a week ago we reported that the Dell Streak 7 has been killed off at T-Mobile as well.

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Dell, is still one of the top 3 laptop makers, but their surge into the tablet and phone space has proved so far to be a failure.  Other laptop and computer manufacturers aren’t having the same problems. 10 inch tablets from Asus, Acer, and Toshiba appear to be holding up well in the tablet market space.

Although there will still be Dell Streak 5 and Dell Streak 7 owners, Jenn Lee the owner of StreakSmart is saddened by the loss of the Dell Streak 5 as she says that the original Dell Streak was the inspiration to her Streak inspired website.  Hopefully Dell’s Asian strategy will pay off and StreakSmart can stick around.

What do you think? Well at least here are some Dell coupons.

source: StreakSmart