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Could Be Bigger Than Motorola: Cyanogen Joins Samsung Mobile As Software Engineer

Steve Kondik aka Cyanogen, the namesake and one of the founders, creators, and collaborators on the most popular Android ROM, CyanogenMod, is apparently relocating to Seattle to join Samsung Telecommunications USA (Samsung Mobile) at their Bellvue offices.

Samsung has offices in the Seattle area that deal with both Android and Windows Phone 7.  They also have liasons in Seattle which work closely with Bellevue based T-Mobile. Kondik’s most recent Facebook status updates have said he would be traveling to Dallas and Seattle in the coming days. Samsung Mobile’s corporate offices for the United States are located in Dallas.

Cyanogen has added Samsung Mobile, Software Engineer, to his employment on his Facebook page.  He hasn’t said exactly what he’ll be doing but it will probably have to do with Android. He does however say that his side project, CyanogenMod, has nothing to do with his new employer.  Since the first release of Cyanogenmod though, we’ve seen little trinkets here and there in the official builds of Android that have come from features that were in a version of Cyanogenmod.

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Samsung has had a great relationship with Kondik and his team.  While other OEM’s have pledged to have open channels with developers, Samsung actually sent Samsung Galaxy SII’s to members of the CyanogenMod team, pre-release which insures our international friends with the original Samsung Galaxy SII will be able to flash CM onto it.  The US is expecting up to 4 different variations of the Samsung Galaxy S II, hopefully from getting the original early on, the Cyanogen team will be able to get CM onto the US versions shortly after release.

We can only imagine what’s in store for future Android and mobile devices with a brain like Kondik’s on board with the rest of the truly amazing people working at Samsung Mobile.

Anyone who has had the opportunity to meet Cyanogen and person has found that he”s brilliant and extremely easy to talk to. He seems to enjoy geeking out just as much as the next guy.

Source: GadgetU

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