Clearwire Planning On Deploying The Fastest LTE Network Available, Speeds To Near 100mbps

Fresh on the heels of the news that Sprint is teaming with Lightsquared for a 4G/LTE network, Clearwire has also announced that they too are going LTE.  The news hit the wire just as Clearwire was reporting their 2nd quarter earnings for 2011.

Clearwire has announced their intent to add “LTE Advanced-Ready” technology to it’s existing 4G/WiMax network. Clearwire has just recently finished trials of the 4G LTE service and claim they have received speeds exceeding 120mbps.  Now of course this is trial testing speeds with very little lag on the network. However at 120mbps could we possibly see 40mbps on the mobile network.

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The Kirkland based company plans to lay the 4G/LTE network on top of it’s existing WiMax network which will add significant cost savings, rather than having to re-deploy a whole new network. They will target densely populated urban areas of Clearwire’s existing network where demand is high.

“This is the future of mobile broadband,” said Dr. John Saw, Clearwire’s Chief Technology Officer. “Our extensive trial has clearly shown that our ‘LTE Advanced-ready’ network design, which leverages our deep spectrum with wide channels, can achieve far greater speeds and capacity than any other network that exists today. Clearwire is the only carrier with the unencumbered spectrum portfolio required to achieve this level of speed and capacity in the United States.”

Clearwire will be the first compan to roll out the “LTE Advanced-ready” technology which calls for speeds in excess of 100 mbps.  Of course this is way more than other 4G/LTE technology.

Of course even Clearwire admits that all of this is subject to funding. As 2010 came to a close Clearwire was having problems in the funding department. Clearwire’s current 4G network covers 132 million people with 7.65 million actual customers. This number also includes Sprint customers utilizing the joint WiMax network. Clearwire expects to close the year out with 10 million 4G customers.

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  1. Just saying just doing comparison . I know Comcast 105 mbps by  cable wired but aslo ..AT&T does Wireless broadband too so does Comcast  to Go , it is all in the same subject

  2. Robert I have comcast and get 105mb/s downstream. This article is talking about cellular wireless. What does u-verse and comcast have to do with this?

  3. I am clear customer 10mbps now aka U-verse internet speeds will speed past Comcast soon 30Mbps for turbo boost I am an happy customer to be apart of this Next Generation Broadband network

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