BREAKING: Hurricane Irene Delays US Launch Of Samsung Galaxy SII

We’ve confirmed that due to Hurricane Irene the US Launch of the Samsung Galaxy S II has been delayed.  Now don’t think of this like when the Sony Xperia Play was delayed for months because of the Tsunami in Japan, or when the Samsung Droid Charge was delayed because of a major 4G/LTE outage for Verizon.  Samsung and their Public Relations firm has decided in the interest of safety to their employees and us members of the press that they’ve pushed it back just one day.

The show will go on Tuesday the 30th instead of Monday the 29th.

New York has reportedly evacuated 300,000 folks and announced that the subway will be shut down at least part of the weekend to deal with expected flooding from the hurricane.

We knew with the invitations sent out and the reports headed out that only an act of god could delay the US announcement and it has so we’ll be reporting Tuesday instead of Monday.

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