#BloodKode reaches its limit in less than One hour

What fills up quicker than Google I/O?  BloodKode does this weekend at DefCon19.

It appears that one of the most anticipated events was #BloodKode.  I saw longer lines for that than a number of other events.  BarKode aka Matt was diagnosed with PNH (Paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria is a rare disease in which red blood cells break down earlier than normal).  In an effort to support BarKode, DefCon has been promoting the blood drive.  For those that don’t know, #BloodKode is an event put together to not only spread the word of BarKode’s blood disorder but to also help him deal with it.

In a showing of solidarity “hackers” were lining up for hours just to give blood at 12:00  the collection began and by 12:35 everyone was told that the donation limits had already been met.  Following the announcement the people in line were visibly disappointed although once the crowd realized he had no longer had to worry about needing another round of donations, the mood shifted.

We’ll be having more updates as DefCon goes on. If you are here let us know 🙂

DefCon19 is an annual event held in Las Vegas mainly consisting of hackers from across the world to sit in on sessions such as:  Welcome and the Making of the DEF CON 19 BadgeThree Generations of DoS Attacks, and Hacking Google Chrome OS .

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