Best Buy Wants A Refund On HP TouchPads

OUCH!! Unwired by way of Precentral is reporting today that the HP TouchPad could be breaking a record, but not a good record.  The HP TouchPad is reportedly selling so poorly that Best Buy is looking for a refund on some of the 270,000 TouchPad’s they ordered.

According to the report Best Buy has sold roughly 25,000 HP TouchPads. According to that source that’s even a liberal figure.

The HP TouchPad has a prominent display in most BestBuy tablet sections in fact some of the BestBuy stores we’ve been in since the release, BestBuy has given the TouchPad an entire tablet, front forward in their tablet section showing off the TouchPad and it’s integration with a WebOS enabled smartphone.

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It’s no secret that the Apple iPad clearly leads the pack in tablet computer sales, with Android tablets, collectively coming in second place.  Just like in the phone wars, RIM and HP are suffering greatly. Combine that with the fact that both the RIM/Blackberry PlayBook and the HP TouchPad require a Blackberry or WebOS phone, respectively, for the best features to work properly.

There’s no native email client built into the RIM/Blackberry Playbook.  The Playbook requires a “bridge” from a Blackberry to a Playbook for that functionality to work.  On the WebOS side, one of the really cool features is how you can “share” screens with a WebOS phone and a TouchPad and change files in a breeze from either device. Problem is you need a WebOS phone to make that happen.

Rich Doherty of the Envisioneering group told AllthingsD today that it’s not just BestBuy, Walmart, Micro Center and Fry’s are having trouble moving HP’s first WebOS enabled tablet.  AllthingsD also reported that popular discount deal site WOOT sold the Touchpad for $120 off the 16gb price and was only able to yield 612 sales out of the deal.

AllthingsD and others predict that BestBuy may start deeply discounting the HP TouchPad if they can’t get HP to take some of the tablets back.  Doherty suggested to AllthingsD that HP discounting the TouchPad first $50, than $100 may have signaled consumers to wait for an even lower price to pick up the tablet.

source: Allthingsd via Unwired,
Image: Precentral