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Best Buy: No $99 HP TouchPads For You! HP Offers Refunds

Just in case you’ve been totally out of the loop (after all it’s summer vacation for some folks) let’s catch you up real quick.

Wednesday:  TDG along with many other reliable tech outlets reported, by way of All Things Digital, that sales of the HP TouchPad were, for lack of a better word, horrendous. The highlight of that story was that Best Buy was looking for a refund on over 200,000 of the webOS tablets.

Thursday: HP reported their last quarter earnings. During that call they announced they were buying autonomy, a software data base, cloud services company (for what reason we have no clue) and killing production of webOS based phones and tablets.  There have also been some heavy reports that HP was looking to sell it’s PC division as well. Obviously they’ve lost their way.

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Friday: It was announced that HP lowered the MSRP on the TouchPad to $99 for the 16gb model and $149 for the 32gb model.

Saturday: we found out that Best Buy would not be honoring the fire sale.  In fact they are shipping the remaining stock back to HP. According to some websites Best Buy is no longer authorized to sell the HP TouchPad, they may have hit a nerve on Thursday. As for the customer though, Best Buy has announced that they are extending the return period on the HP TouchPad to 60 days. Normally their return policy on a tablet or cell phone is only 30 days.

Best Buy would rather customers return their HP TouchPad and get another tablet that they still sell and service. Based on the verbage on Best Buy’s website along with several reports and calls to Best Buy stores they are not refunding the difference in price or honoring price matches for customers who want to keep the TouchPad and get refunded the $350 or so dollars (or more) that you spent on the TouchPad on launch day.

Now does this mean if you want to keep the TouchPad and get your difference in money back you’re screwed? Nope. HP will refund the difference to you directly somehow it will just take a few hours of waiting on hold on the phone with HP. HP’s other retail partners, including Staples and WalMart have been directed to refund the difference.

source: Phonedog and Best Buy

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