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[UPDATED] HTC’s Major Announcement Is A Partnership With Beats Electronics, But Is That All?

There’s been a lot of buzz surrounding the HTC “major announcement” tomorrow during their teleconference, and Beats by Dre have just cleared everything up on their official blog. Beats has announced through Twitter, Facebook, and their blog that they have made a partnership with HTC to put Beats audio in HTC devices. HTC has invested 300 million dollars in Beats audio, and this will bring “music the way artists intended you to hear it” to your mobile device.

However, this may be more than just mobile phones. HTC is also a manufacturer of tablets. With this partnership HTC may be also announcing a tablet equipped with Beats audio, and possibly, even the first Android iPod killer. In the press release HTC says the following:

“The HTC and Beats partnership, which started in early 2011, will result  in a line of HTC devices integrated with Beats sound innovations, shipping this fall.”

This is all speculation, but HTC may be heading the direction of a standalone music player considering Beats by Dre is centered around music. Many have also been talking about a 10″ Honeycomb tablet, and we may see something like this tomorrow as well. Again, the only official statement we have is the Beats by Dre-HTC partnership, but that can definitely lead to new devices centered around music and a tablet. And of course, we are all hoping these devices will be shipping this fall as planned because we really don’t want to experience another Thunderbolt launch.

We will be live-blogging the event here tomorrow at TheDroidGuy, so stay tuned for the official announcement. Until then, have fun speculating the night away, because everyone knows we will be.

UPDATE: It’s official, HTC and Beats have partnered to bring Beats audio to mobile devices. Questions were asked about things like tablets and other devices and HTC answered pretty vaguely. All we know at this point is that these companies merged together for innovation, and many devices could come. There was also, obviously, a focus on bringing music to the cell phone. The audio is going to be expanded beyond handsets to bring about a whole new “experience”. This is definitely an exciting partnership, and you can look forward to seeing these devices this fall.

Source: HTC

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