ASUS To Increase Tablet Forecast To 2 Million

Coming out of tradeshow season earlier this year (CES, MWC, CTIA) I would have NEVER in a million years predicted that ASUS would have had such a great first half of the year with tablets.  Until their Android tablets arrived at market, with their silly little eeePad names, ASUS was nothing more than another netbook manufacturer, right?

The ASUS eeePad Transformer took off like a rocket. It has a brilliant display, nice feeling form factor and the ability to dock with a great keyboard.  Stores couldn’t keep them in stock when they first rolled out.  Now, ASUS has their slider tablet and their integrated tablet/phone device still coming before the end of the year.

All that considered, and analysts are starting to predict that ASUS’ General Manager Kevin Lin will adjust the companies tablet forecast to 2 million.  The Taiwan Economic News reported that, along with the fact that ASUS is the number 2 tablet manufacturer in Taiwan behind Apple.

Source: Tawian Economic News via BGR