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Asus Adds More Accessories For The EeePad Transformer

Asustek made news earlier this week when it was forecasted that they will probably increase their tablet sales projections for 2011. After taking off in most markets Asus is expected to increase their sales forecast to 2 million tablets by the end of the year.  The first Asus Android tablet, the EeePad Transformer, flew off the shelves at BestBuys in the US and other stores around the world. It’s slim form factor, bright and crisp display, and the ability to dock with a laptop style keyboard made the Transformer very popular.

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Asus is about to release their slider tablet where the keyboard is built in and slides out like some of the Android smartphones on the market. Asus also has a tablet/phone combination device coming out soon.  It’s also been rumored that their 7″ tablet version will hit stores before the holiday shopping season.

Asus has now unveiled 2 new adapters and a dock which all make the Transformer more productive, and you know how we feel about productivity based tablets.

The first adapter is a USB adapter designed for peripherals very similar to the adapter released by Samsung for the Galaxy Tab 10.1.  The Asus adapter will turn the proprietary docking port on the Transformer into a USB outlet for keyboards, mice and flash drives.

They’ve also added an SD card adapter to the mix.  Like the USB adapter, the SD Card adapter will connect to the proprietary docking connection and add an SD Card slot to the Transformer. Both adapters are expected to run in the $29 range.

For less than 20 dollar more you can get the Asus docking station which includes 2 USB ports, an SD Card slot and a headphone jack. This dock is expected to cost $41 and you should have no problem using all the connections at one time.  Of course you could always opt for the $150 keyboard adapter that gives your Asus Transformer a netbook like experience. It’s actually the keyboard dock that is the reason the Asus Transformer took that name.

source: Liliputing

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