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Apple Has Samsung Scrambling, Sets Sites On Motorla Xoom

I knew it, I knew that at some point while reporting this Apple vs every Android OEM in site I would resort to finding this clip on Youtube and using it for the art for a patent war story. After you watch the short clip, hit the break

As we reported Monday Apple has been granted in injunction by German patent courts against Samsung for the import of Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1’s in all the European Union countries except the Netherlands. Samsung has responded and says they are going to be aggressive in this matter. Hopefully it’s only a matter of days or weeks before the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 hits European shores. If not, we could be looking at one heck of a collector’s item.

Well now with Samsung down Apple has set their eyes on Motorola and the Motorola Xoom. Like the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Apple has filed a patent infringement suit alleging that the Motorola Xoom’s design is stealing from Apple’s iPad.¬† While a suit has been filed it isn’t clear yet if they’ve also sought an injunction.

Also like Samsung, Motorola and Apple are in court in the US and other countries over phones, and phone patents that allegedly steal technology from each other. Apple has pending patent litigation against HTC as well.

Source: PC World

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