App Spotlight: TekTrak

TekTrak Mobile Security

Everyone has lost their smartphone at least once. We’ve all been in the situation where you can’t find your phone, and whether you lost it in the couch or left it in a public place like an airport or shopping center, there is always a fear someone could be stealing all of your personal information while you search. TekTrak is an application that allows you to locate your phone, and much more.

TekTrak launched for iOS devices in January 2011, and have brought their service to Android when their application launched in the Market on August 3rd. The service can do a number of things for smartphone users that have lost their device. TekTrak allows you to log in to any browser and locate their phone down to the street address, and if your phone is dead, it can pin point the last location the device was powered on at. You can also lock your device remotely, and TekTrak allows you to lock the application as well preventing any unwanted installs. At any time whether the device is locked or not you can full or partially wipe the data as well. Wi-Fi can be remotely activated and deactivated to help more accurately locate the phone, giving a user many ways to find their lost device. TekTrak has multiple ways to help the smartphone user discover their devices location, lock it, and even wipe it if necesarry.

Smartphones carry so much personal data now, and whether you’re trying to stop identity theft or find your phone around the house TekTrak is a service to take advantage of. Users who download the app get two free uses of the service (this includes everything that can be done), and after that it is a $4.99 annual fee. Compared to some other services that help do similar things, TekTrak is very well priced and has a ton of features. If you find yourself losing your device a lot, or just want the extra security, this service is a fantastic option. TekTrak is available in the Android Market in a free and pro version.