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Another New Samsung Galaxy S II Shows Up For Europe With 4G/LTE

Androidcentral caught a glimpse of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S II Celox. This is a 4G/LTE equipped version of Samsung’s franchise phone for 2011, the Samsung Galaxy S II.

Although we still haven’t seen the first version of the Samsung Galaxy S II in the US this new beast of a device headed to Europe, Asia or Australia is loaded with a 4G/LTE radio for the 800/1800/2600 mhz bands.¬† As AC points out to work in the United States it would have to have a 700mhz 4G/LTE radio for Verizon Wireless.

Possibly down the line they would equip it for Verizon’s 4G/LTE network or maybe even AT&T’s however we need to get our hands on the first version before that’s even a possibility. For our European readers though, be on the lookout for this thing, and if you just bought an SGSII without 4G/LTE, we’re sorry.

source: Android Central

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