Another Android Watch Surfaces, This Time By Blue Sky

Last week we learned about a new Android watch, small format design by WIMM Labs. That company is hoping to license it’s technology to other OEM’s to fit it into their small format Android projects.  They are also going to sell a limited supply of their prototype watches (once completed) to developers to develop for their platform.

An Italian company called “Blue Sky” is now taking pre-orders for another Android watch they’re calling “I’m Watch”. The “I’m Watch” features a 1.54 inch screen and Android 1.6. It allows you to run small factor versions of Android apps.  Like the other watch variants of Android that we’ve seen to date, the “I’m Watch” also connects via BlueTooth to an existing smartphone.

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The Bluetooth connectivity in the “I’m Watch” allows users to screen calls, and have access to the internet to display email and the web on the “I’m Watch”. The connection also allows users to view, screen, and send text messages, and answer or dump calls.

The base model “I’m Watch” will run about $249 euro which is about $350 US Dollars. They are also releasing higher end versions with jewels, different faces, and even diamonds that can run upwards of $14,999 euros.  Blue Sky is taking pre-orders now and expect the watches to ship sometime in November.

The watches include 64mb of memory as well as 4gb of flash memory for storing files.  There is a headphone jack on the watch itself so you can hear your music from the watch. The downside is that the only connectivity is via bluetooth which could prove to be difficult to do things like updating, view Youtube etc.

source: PCMag

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  1. The height of the stupidity… a clock that can barely be used for one day without recharging, depends on a Smartphone -in your pocket!!- to do 80% of the stuff they advertise, plus in the price range of some 3G+Wifi tablets. 

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