Angry Birds Fly Their Way Into WalMart

Now I’m not a big frequenter of this establishment we call “The Walmart” so I’m not sure how long they’ve been there but Angry Birds plushies are definitely available at Walmart.

They come in two sizes, medium and big.  The prices may vary based on location but the Walmart we checked out they were $9.97 for the medium sized ones and the large ones were just $12.97.  Oddly enough they were placed with the school supplies so if you take your kids to Walmart to get the things on Miss Jones’ fourth grade school supply list, the nagging to buy the Angry Birds will start commencing.

More with video after the break

Angry Birds developers Rovio Mobile were recently in the news as they are working on a round of funding that could yield a $1 billion dollars in valuation. Obviously after the success they’ve had with downloads on iOS and Android and with their partnership with 20th Century fox on the movie project Rio, Walmart was the next step.

In addition to WalMart you can score Angry Birds (and Fruit Ninja) T-shirts at your neighborhood Hot Topic.  Rovio has licensed a number of toys and plushies as well as an actual Angry Birds board game.

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