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Android Users Spending An Hour A Day On Apps And Web

Industry research firm Nielsen has just released some interesting findings about Android users.  Nielsen, most popular for their metered TV ratings system in American households has started a new “Nielsen Smartphone Analytics” which tracks and delivers data from on-device meters installed on thousands of iOS and Android phones.

This new metered way of collecting data was first introduced by Nielsen with set top meters to measure ratings for television shows.  It gives a more accurate snapshot than simply asking test samplers to fill out survey questions, which can cause fatigue and drive research in the wrong direction.

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The Nilsen study found that Android users are using a whopping 56 minutes per day on their Android phones. In that nearly one hour per day Android users are spending 67% of that time engaged in an app or apps and 33% of that time on the web.  Also it’s worthy to note that on both Android and iOS there is a fair amount of apps that are just “wrappers” for web-sites.  Those apps would skew the survey results towards the web vs apps.

Nielsen went on to report that the top 10 Android apps saw 43% of time spent by Android users, and the top 50 account for 61 percent.  Keep in mind there are over 250,000 apps in the Android market. As Nielsen pointed out that means 249,950+ apps have to compete with just 39% of the remaining pie.

Having used and reported on Android since before the launch of the G1 we can definitely say that app discovery is one of the reasons that Android apps are having such a hard time.


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