Android Market Latest Update Includes +1’s And Pin Protection

If you’ve been watching the Android Market diligently than you’ve noticed over the last 6 weeks or so major changes and improvements have come to our Android devices.

The New Android Market features access to books, movies, apps ratings and more. In my personal opinion it looks a bit WP7ish but heck, there’s a lot more available in the Android Market than there ever will be for WP7.  In an effort to keep enhancing and expanding the Android Market Google has added two significant features to the newest version.

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The Android Market now features +1, just like any content on and even on you’ll find the familiar +1 button which let’s you add your vote of confidence to an app, game or book in the Android Market.  As Google Plus grows and more features get added we are expecting the plus one to have even more influence in our Google world.

The +1 button is also a great ratings tool. We’ve actually used +1 for contest voting here at  It’s a more accurate view of somethings ratings. We’ve seen developers and their friends hijack an apps ratings and move it up automatically. +1 is very stringent and that you can only +1 something once per Google account.  What regular Android user is going to make multiple Google accounts just to +1 an app…

The next big enhancement is Pin codes. Pin codes in the Android market make sure that if you leave your phone lying around your kids or a complete stranger isn’t adding a bunch of paid apps to your account. Simple enough right, but a really good feature.  I love showing off Android phones and I’ve actually done it a few times and come to find that my phone has a bunch of extra apps on it when it gets back to me.  With a pin code, that can be prevented.

Finally, you can keep your searches private by erasing your Android Market search history. We should see all of this very very soon, as you know the Android Market updates itself automatically.

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