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Android Homecoming Featured On The HTC Developer Site

The largest independent convergence of Android developers, enthusiasts, users and ecosystem partners in the world is set to start on September 23 2011.  Of course the best place to hold a Homecoming event is at home, and home to Android and Google is Mountain View California.

The Android Homecoming is for all types of Android enthusiasts with a lot going on with developers.  First off on Friday the folks at Fun Mobility and Millennial Media are holding a welcoming party for developers. Learn about ways to strategically prepare your application for mass distribution or find out the best way to monetize your app.  FunMobility has been in the app space longer than Android or Apple, having started with Vcast, ringtones and wallpapers.  Millennial Media is the largest independent mobile ad platform in the world.  Their CEO Paul Palmeiri is credited as being one of the developers and creators of Verizon VCast.

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Saturday, in addition to two development tracks (as in multiple round tables, focus groups and fireside chats) for developers there is also the $25,000 Viewdle developer challenge that will happen during the Android Homecoming “Dance” (think exhibit floor with cocktails, and a dj).

Sunday developers will be presenting in a pool side developer sandbox with real sand.

For more on the homecoming event or to buy an $18 ticket visit

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