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Android Has Almost 3X The Global OS Market Share Of iOS

Gartner released their second quarter 2011 findings on Thursday. The great news was for Android.  Actually it turns out Android and Apple command almost 62% of the total global smartphone market share. When you break it down though Android has 43.4% of the market and iOS has 18.3% of the global market. Symbian actually edges Apple out as well with 22.1% of the global market.

In a release from Gartner today Gartner analysts said:

“these two OSs have the usability that consumers enjoy, the apps that consumers feel they need, and increasingly a portfolio of services delivered by the platform owner as well”

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As far as manufacturers go, Nokia held onto the top spot in the global market with 22.8% while Samsung came in second place with 16.3% of the market.  Apple came in at 4.6%. While Samsung has devices out with both Windows Phone 7 and their own Bada platform, the majority of their current portfolio is Android.  LG’s smartphones are predominantly Android.

Roberta Cozza, principal research analyst at Gartner said “Consumers in mature markets are choosing entry-level and midrange Android smartphones over feature phones, partly due to carriers’ and manufacturers’ promotions.”

Gartner is one of the highest regarded wireless analysts in the world. These results echo those of Nielsen, Comscore and NPD.

source: Gartner

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