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Android Has 16 Of The Top 20 Smartphones

In the latest Mobile Mix report by Millennial Media, the mobile platform, Android represented 16 of the top 20 devices.

The iPhone appeared in the number 1 spot, however the Samsung Nexus S came in second place. One thing we found interesting was that the Motorola Droid was the number 4 ranked phone which lends credence to our story that suggests that Android OEM’s may need to slow down just a bit.  Although the Nexus S was released a year after the Motorola Droid it’s still 7 months old already.  The newest Android device to appear in the list is the HTC Thunderbolt and it ranked in the number 17 spot.

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It’s also worthy to note that the LG Optimus V and the Huawei Ascend are both “prepaid” Android devices. The Huawei Ascend is on Cricket Wireless while the LG Optimus V is on Virgin Mobile.  Both prepaid devices ranked in the top 10 in spots number 6 and 7 respectively.  All of the major prepaid carriers offer unlimited data on par with Sprint’s “truly unlimited” sans the 4G.

Millennial Media’s Mobile Mix report is a representation of devices that actually touched their ad network via apps that use Millennial Media.  Millennial is the largest independent mobile ad network in the world. They were second behind Admob which is now part of Google.

source: Millennial Media

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