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Android 61% iOS 21% In Latest Mobile Mix Report

Android has done it again. In Millennial Media’s mobile mix report, released earlier today, Android took 61% of the smartphone OS pie as it relates to traffic on Millennial Media’s robust mobile platform.

In the July report, Android increased 15% month over month. This was also the eighth consecutive month that Android led all other OS’s. Apple’s iOS has continued to decline month over month. In May iOS had 27% of the OS pie, in June they were down to 26% and came in at 21% in July.  RIM and Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 have made insignificant progress over the last three months.

The Millennial Media mobile mix report is a direct reflection of devices that have reached Millennial’s servers through their network of app developers.  Unlike many other surveys based on call out or write in research this report gives a snapshot of what’s actually going on in the smartphone world.

As far as apps and developers go the latest Mobile Mix showed that iOS developers and Android developers are for the most part tied with only 5% separating them. RIM carried 7% while WP7 was grouped with “other” which includes symbian and brew.

source: Millennial Media


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