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And Now… A Samsung Galaxy S Plus

Prior to the Samsung Galaxy S II, Samsung’s biggest Android phone franchise was the 2010 Samsung Galaxy S.  Now, with most US models priced under $100 it’s still a damn good device.

Techradar is reporting that they’ve gotten their hands on a new phone, well sort of, and it’s called the Samsung Galaxy Plus.  Just like the Samsung Galaxy S 4G released on T-Mobile, the Samsung Galaxy S Plus comes in virtually the same body, and with most of the same specs as the original Galaxy S released last summer.

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The processor has been upgraded and so has the battery.  As far as the processor goes the new Samsung Galaxy S Plus has a 1.4 ghz single core processor.  To drive that processor and increase battery life, Samsung has upped the battery to 1650mah.

The camera is the same as the original which is 5mp with no flash. Good news is that Techradar reports web surfing is a breeze with the Samsung Galaxy S Plus and only a smigeon slower than the Galaxy S II.

As for pricing and availability? The Samsung Galaxy S Plus is going to be available exclusively on Vodafone in the UK and with a hefty price tag making it almost worth skipping for the Samsung Galaxy S II instead, which is available in the UK.

source: TechRadar

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