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American’s Prefer Smartphones To Sex

GPS company Telenav has just released findings from a rather interesting survey.

The Telenav survey revealed how American’s prefer their smartphones over some basic human interactions and everyday things.  The biggest finding was that a third of American’s would rather give up sex than their smartphones.

Other findings included that 50 percent of people would rather give up caffeine, chocolate or exercise than their smartphone. 22 percent said they would give up brushing their teeth than theability to have emails, facebook, twitter and phone calls by their side.

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The study by OKCupid puts much of the blame on this on Twitter. OKCupid found that overly active Twitter users have shorter relationships than those who use the service sparingly or not at all. They contend that maintaining a large following requires people to update their status messages on a much more than regular basis, resulting in heavy Twitter users constantly pulling out their phones.  This is present even in situations where one on one human contact is important, like dinner dates, family outings, even funerals.

Telenav’s study also revealed that more Android users have used social media, text message or voicemail accessed through their smartphones to end a relationship.  According to Telenav 18% of Android users surveyed said they’ve ended a relationship using their smartphone, while just 10% of iPhone users admitted to the same thing. 15% of Blackberry say they’ve done the same thing.

source: Mobledia

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