Amazon’s Android Tablets Could Launch As Soon As September

The New York Post is reporting that the not so top secret Android tablets that Amazon is working on could be released as soon as next month. It also seems that Amazon is going to price the tablet way lower than the $499 pricing for an Apple iPad.  It was rumored earlier this year that Amazon may cut costs on the tablet itself because they can make money on their ecosystem that is already in place.  $249 is the rumored price that’s floating around.

Although Apple was the first to offer an “App Market” via it’s i-tunes store (and they’ll take you to court over that), Amazon has been one of the most trusted names and online brands for over a decade. In fact Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos launched the first incarnation of Amazon over 15 years ago.  Through the years Amazon has built up a traditional online shopping service, e-book delivery platform and now music, movies and apps.

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The tablets that Amazon is working on are said to come in two models a 10″ quad core Android tablet and a 7″ dual core tablet. They are expected to compliment, and not replace the Kindle experience.  Amazon realizes that their are consumers that would rather read their books on a tablet and others who just want e-books on an e-book reader.

Amazon’s trusted name and internet delivery platform insure that the Amazon Android tablets (dubbed Coyote and Hollywood) have a robust eco-system out of the box, something that traditional Android OEM’s like Samsung and HTC are also trying to do.  Although no official word has been given we think with the size of Amazon they’d naturally have Google’s blessing for their tablets which would mean they would have access to the Android market and Google apps however, Amazon doesn’t need them to be successful.

Source: Phonearena

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