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Accessory Spotlight: The BMW And Pelican Designed 1075 Case For Android Tablets

As a traveling journalist I am very aware of the name Pelican Products. If you’ve seen a mobile TV crew, or a photogrpaher with a lot of gear, chances are you’ve seen a product by Pelican.  They’re known for their durable, rugged injected molded hard plastic cases. Most are compartmentalized to protect cameras, lenses, and other electronic gear.

Pelican Products is the global leader in both the design and manufacture of high performance protective case solutions.  That’s why hundreds of media outlet trust the brand. They even do work for the military.

Ok so you’re probably thinking why do I need some giant case on wheels for my tablet.  You don’t. Pelican has announced the release of the Pelican 1075.  Through a partnership with BMW Deisgnworks (yes that BMW), Pelican has come up with a lifestyle case for 10″ tablet devices that protects your tablet better than any other case out there bar none, and at the same time still looks hip and professional.

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Dinis Jablonski, Director of Product Management at Pelican Products said “The Pelican 1075 focuses on latest trends in technology… tablets and netbooks to aid in providing unique protective solutions to our wide customer base.”

Pelican adds:

he 1075 sports a high-impact, heat and chemically resistant composite shell that will stand up to some of the harshest conditions known to man. The Pelican 1075 also features a sturdy, removable nylon shoulder strap so travelers can keep a firm hold on their gear.

The Pelican tablet case is just $69.95 and a must have for tablet users who are always on the go and need their tablet everywhere.

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