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Accessory Spotlight: BlueAnt Q2 Platinum

It’s no secret that I am a huge fan of the products that BlueAnt makes. Their bluetooth headsets are unbelievably clear. The Q2 is no exception. The sound quality is crystal clear and the fit is one of the most comfortable I’ve ever used. It provides AD2P connectivity so you can listen to your favorite music or podcasts and it was made to work with Android, so no worrying about compatibility issues. And as an added unique bonus, you can connect to phones to this headset and answer calls from either phone as if you were just using one.

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Not only does the headset work well, but also it was made to work with Vlingo. If you haven’t used Vlingo on your phone, you are seriously missing out. It is literally a virtual assistant for your phone via bluetooth. It will tell you the name of the person calling you, read your texts messages outloud, and if you want it to, it will also read your emails to you. So not only is the BlueAnt Q2 Platinum a great headset with great hardware, but also it’s one of the safest out there. No longer do you have look at your phone when you keep recieving emails and text messages and emails while driving, Vlingo and the Q2 will do that for you!

One more benefit is that instead of having to remember which combination of buttons to hit to put your phone in pairing mode, with the Q2, you simple use voice commands to pair, call, text, or email. It has a talk time of 5 Hours and standby time of 100 hours.

We found the Blue Ant Q2 for just $69.99 at Amazon

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