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360 Gets Updated Again, Panoramas Just Keep Getting Better

A while back we posted a review on a panorama app called 360. We favored the application because it takes fantastic panorama shots and also incorporates an easy way to share them. The developer has recently updated the application with a few things we thought we’d point out. The new update offers even better panorama stitching, and the photos are coming out in HD better than ever. It’s now easier to view and delete panoramas, and there’s also a more intuitive easy to use UI. The developer has been releasing updates to improve the user experience and the panoramas themselves, and it shows. The full list of updates is the following:

What’s in this version:

  1. Infinite public and around me streams
  2. Change your username in the Settings screen
  3. Delete your panoramas in “My Profile” by swiping to the left/right
  4. Better stitching error detection
  5. Removed out of memory errors
  6. Compass calibration hints on the stitching screen
  7. Minor bug fixes and UI improvements
  8. Fixes image loading bugs in the stream

As we have said in our previous review, 360 is a fantastic panormama app that makes it easy to take and share panormama photos. The app is only getting better, and the HD photos can come out beautifully if you use the application right. Rememebr to pan slowly, and you’ll soon realize why we love this app so much. Check out 360 in the Android Market for the low price of free.

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