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Zaarly Now Available Coast To Coast And On Android

When we first heard about Zaarly at South By Southwest in March we were pretty stoked. Zaarly buzz was everywhere and we wanted in.

If you’re not familiar with Zaarly it’s a new community driven, opposite of classified ads or Craigslist service. Basically if you need something you post it to Zaarly, with what you’ll pay and voila, someone takes you up on it and you get what you want.  This can be anything from a six pack, milk, a used lawnmower, furniture movers, concert tickets, old stereo equipment etc etc etc.

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Rather than going to Craigslist and scouring page after page of listings and then wondering how real the offer is, ask for the offer yourself. Just got home after a long day and forgot some bread and milk, don’t feel like going out, hit Zaarly hopefully someone in your neighborhood is going to the supermarket and can pick it up for you.

Lawn grown out of control? Gig ads on Craigslist can take days to sort out, with Zaarly just make an ad that you need a lawn guy and bam, help is on the way.

So once we heard about Zaarly it sounded awesome. That was until someone tried to ruin it for me and brought up the fact that a place like Zaarly would be the ultimate app for in-call prostitution and other seedy things.  Well we talked with Zaarly CEO Bo Fishback at TechCrunch Disrupt earlier this year and he explained that they’ve taken steps to prevent that.  Ok every new app company says they take steps but keeping Zaarly community driven, friendly and safe is a top priority for Fishback, that’s why he recently hired one of YouTube’s top guys who made sure inappropriate videos didn’t slip through the cracks.

As Fishback explained to us, there are algorithms and computer based checks on the content posted on Zaarly. Then, there’s a human element too, a real person is checking behind the computer. If they find an ad that looks like it could be suspicious they’ll pull the ad and contact the lister. Say a legitimate artist or art student is really looking for a nude model for art, Zaarly would be able to determine that because the ad would get kicked back to a human evaluation.  That way the real people are protected from the shady underworld perverts that lurk over at Craigslist.

One of the things we really like about Zaarly is how community oriented, even the staff is. Fishback was a mini celebrity at SXSW everyone was talking about Zaarly but he would take the time to answer questions from future users, journalists or just someone who says “what’s zaarly”  that’s why instead of a mass newsletter email Fishback pens emails to his community himself. Now he doesn’t have the time anymore to write the entire user base individually but if you have a question or concern he’ll get right back to you.

Zaarly is going to be Gnarly (i couldn’t resist)

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