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With Audio Clouds Firmly In Place Ultra Violet Prepares Video Cloud

Of course there are some cloud based storage lockers that will allow you to upload any kind of content, including video. However a new cloud is forming called the Ultra Violet cloud. The UV cloud comes with support from most of the major motion picture studios except Disney.

The Digital Entertainment Content Ecosystem Alliance has approved the first Ultraviolet enabled devices and titles for release this fall. While more and more movie studios are releasing double DVD/Blu Ray packs with the digital version of the same title also available, Ultraviolet takes that technology to the cloud.

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With Ultraviolet, when a consumer purchases the UV enabled DVD or Blu Ray title they will get digital access to the same title on the UV cloud.  Their UV account will allow up to 6 people in their “family” access to the same video storage locker.  Also, should the consumer lose the hard cop of the DVD/Blu Ray title they will be able to download it from their Ultra Violet account.

Ultra Violet has teamed up with LG, Panasonic, Samsung, Sony, Toshiba, Cisco, Dell, HP, Motorola and Nokia for the initial roll out of the service.  Apple has been quiet about whether or not they are getting involved, however third party apps should be able to access UV from iPhones.  Some Android devices will be equipped to handle UV lockers when the service starts this fall.  Paramount, Universal, Fox, Warner Brothers, Sony Pictures and Lionsgate have all signed on as well.

source: DigitalTrends

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