Vitamin Water Helps You Recharge Your Android In Some Cities

Vitamin Water has started a rather unique advertising campaign at bus shelters in some major US cities.

If you live in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago or Boston and take the bus you may find a Vitamin Water billboard in your local bus shelter (where you wait for the bus).  The billboards say “Alternative Energy Source” on them and feature a 5v usb outlet that will allow you to charge your Android phone (ok your Blackberry or iPhone as well).

Vitamin Water is the first non tech brand to offer up re-charging stations and of course the first to do this at a bus stop. It makes sense though, people waiting for the bus can now recharge their phone while waiting.

Samsung Mobile has installed recharging stations in waiting areas at some of the major airports in the US including Dallas, San Francisco and Reagan National airport.

Vitamin Water has been known to give us a boost during every day life and now they can give your mobile electronics a boost as well.

Source: crackberry

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