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Verizon Wireless Twitter Flubs Up Samsung Galaxy S II 4G News

The good folks over at AndroidGuys caught a tweet this morning from Verizon Wireless’ official support twitter. That twitter account is overseen by Verizon’s Jeffrey Nelson but maintained by a staff who identify themselves by initials.

The tweet, which was removed almost immediately, was tweeted this morning by a Verizon Wireless social media employee with the initials LM.  Although the tweet was removed it was up just long enough to get cached, and of course long enough for Androidguys to get it up.

According to the tweet the Samsung Galaxy S II headed to Verizon would be 4G/LTE.  However they pulled back on the tweet and started saying they were confused and that they meant the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 4G/LTE.

HELLO!!! OF COURSE THE GALAXY TAB 10.1 4G/LTE has 4G.  We actually are inclined to think that the Samsung Galaxy S II is going to be 4G/LTE and someone just got scolded at Verizon.

Good Catch Scott!

Source: Androidguys

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