Verizon To Rule The Air With Iron Fist Starting Tomorrow

It was revealed weeks ago that Verizon Wireless was going to tiered data pricing. We had actually hoped that Verizon Wireless would make “unlimited” one of the tiers but as it is they haven’t done that.  For some this is a scary thought, however many analysts insist you don’t use nearly as much data as you think.

Through the close of business today at Verizon Wireless retailers you can still grab a $30/mo unlimited data package for smartphones.  However starting tomorrow that $30 will only get you 2gb of data.  Verizon spokesperson Howie Waterman told The Boston Globe:

After tomorrow, Verizon Wireless will allow new customers to send and receive a limit of 2 gigabytes of data per month for $30 – enough, said Waterman, to send 1,000 e-mails, view 100 Web pages, listen to more than 20 hours of streaming music, upload more than 20 photographs, and view over two hours of high-definition video.

So let’s quickly look at this statement.

According to the average business user sends and receives 125 emails per day.  There are 20 “work days” per month if you consider the average business user works Monday-Friday.  That’s 20 business days per month and 2500 emails per month so midway through the cycle you’ve busted through that 1000 emails.

Everyone’s web viewing habits are different so the web page views per month is very hard to calculate. However it must be considered that a lot of “apps” in both the Apple app store and the Android Market are just mobile websites wrapped up in a shell.

Photos is another story though. According to this report the average Flickr user uploads 12.6 photos per day that means an average business user who is also an average Flickr user is again, very quickly blowing through their data.  With apps like Netflix being some of the most popular apps out there for both iPhone and Android the 2 hours of HD video seems, almost silly.

Now the first comments we are going to get are going to center around the fact that Waterman is talking about average usage combined in the scenario described above. Some will upload more photos, some stream more movies while others will send more emails, this is all true but the fact remains that Verizon took the $30 unlimited plan and turned it into the lowest data tier in their new offerings.

It’s very important to note if you’re already a Verizon customer with unlimited data you won’t have to change that until your current contract is up, this is for new customers and upgrades happening after today.

Sprint still offers truly unlimited data plans in 4g markets.  With Sprints unlimited data plan you do get throttled after 5gb on 3G service however 4G/Wimax is truly unlimited.


8 Replies to “Verizon To Rule The Air With Iron Fist Starting Tomorrow”

  1. Yes!  If you had unlimited data prior to 7/7/11 you are grandfathered and will be able to keep unlimited data.  If at anytime the feature is removed or a new line of service is started the new data plans will apply.   

  2. Yep.  Those already on unlimited are grandfathered in.  This includes switching between smartphones.  They have a specific “blackberry unlimited” plan that I was forced to sign up for when I got a BB, but they are all considered “unlimited smartphone” plans now, according to a rep I spoke to today.  BTW, she said she had HUNDREDS of calls about this exact question today.  🙂

  3. Didn’t VZW say that those who were customers prior to 7/7 could keep their unlimited forever?

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