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Verizon Giving Away 3 Free Months Of Netflix With An LG Revolution (insuring you go over your data)

Verizon Wireless has teamed up with Netflix for a great promotion.  If you purchase an LG Revolution between July 22 (tomorrow) and August 28, 2011 you can get three months free of Netflix.

The LG Revolution is a 4G/LTE Android phone that comes with Netflix pre-installed and ready to go.  All you have to do is add your Netflix account and your streaming, just like you would on your TV.

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Of course we do realize if you’re streaming lots of movies you’re more likely to go over your now tiered data plan.  To get the three free months of Netflix you must purchase your LG Revolution on a new two year agreement between July 22, 2011 and August 28, 2011.  Both new and existing Netflix customers are eligible.  Once you’ve joined the promotion you will get a $7.99 per month adjustment on your next 3 Netflix bills. Verizon does say that you need to wait 24 hours to get your promotional code after you’ve activated your LG Revolution.

Just how much data is that Netflix promotion going to eat? Verizon Wireless breaks it down for you:

of course if you use a wi-fi connection to view your Netflix movies on your phone you won’t incur extra data charges.

Source: Verizon Wireless

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