Unsocial Partners With DealNet

from unsocial.mobi and dealnet.mobiIf you’ve ever gone to a large convention, you know how difficult it is to manage your time as well as know where everything is being held. I just attended the VentureBeat MobileBeat and GamesBeat events. These were two separate events but were being hosted at the Palace Hotel in San Francisco. The event coordinators gave us paper agendas for each conference but I lost mine quickly. Luckily, VentureBeat used a great application to help attendees know the schedule for each day.

Unsocial is an app developed by AppTango. It is not a normal “check-in” app like Foursquare or Gowalla. It is specifically designed for business conferences and help attendees reach out to others at the events. Once logged in, you can integrate your LinkedIn account so users know who you are and your business background. I had a chance to talk to Unsocial’s CEO, Kiran Modak. He remarked how most people would walk around and look at name badges in hopes to find someone that would be a good business connection. Now, Unsocial does most of the leg work. Aside from the LinkedIn integration, the app also offered a daily schedule for MobileBeat and Gamesbeat. Once you find a session you wanted to attend, the app allows you import the event into your Google calendar.

Unsocial partnered with a brand new advertising company called DealNet. Within the app, DealNet had their own page that would display local deals around the convention. Lead by founder and CEO Idan Miller, this innovative mobile advertising doesn’t bombard you with useless and annoying ads. It locates where you are and uses daily deals from other websites (Groupons, LivingSocial) or deals direct from the stores and finds discounts for the user within the respective city. Therefore, instead of clicking on the link and buying something off a website, you can walk right into the nearby store. Miller also mentioned that based on what the user clicks and buys, the program will learn what ads best suits them. DealNet was chosen to be one of the finalists in MobileBeat’s annual Startup Competition.

So next time you attend a conference, whether it be ComicCon, E3 or CES, make sure you download Unsocial. It will help prioritize your time, find possible business connections and some great local deals.

[via TDG on site and unsocial and dealnet]