U-Verse App Adds More Android Device Support

AT&T’s U-verse service (cable) has announced that their popular Android app is now available on more Android devices from AT&T Mobility.  Support has now been added to include the LG Thrive, LG Phoenix and Samsung Infuse 4G.

The U-Verse app lets U-verse customers manage their dvr recordings remotely and even watch their recordings on their Android phone. U-Verse mobile now includes more than 100 tv series and more than 700 tv shows from different genres.  It also has a new U-verse service and support function which allows customers to access support info and tools for all their U-verse services.

Additional support functions added to the U-Verse mobile app include:

·         Provides users with an up-to-date status of their U-verse services with a U-verse Service Check.

·         Delivers notifications on known service issues in subscriber areas, and sends subscribers an email or text with updates on service resolution.

·         Offers more than 30 step-by-step guides to address common questions, including images and tips.

·         Lets subscribers restart their U-verse TV receiver and residential gateway directly from their smartphone, even if away from home.

·         And gives users the ability to chat online directly with an agent

source: AT&T

2 Replies to “U-Verse App Adds More Android Device Support”

  1. I don’t
    like how a lot of the bloatware on Android phones are useless apps, one of many
    being the U-Verse Mobile app. It is helpful being able to program your DVR from
    afar, but it also helps if you can actually get the service. I live in an area
    that doesn’t have U-Verse, but even if it was available, I wouldn’t get the
    service. I have DISH Network and they have an app called the DISH Remote Access
    app that lets me stream my live channels from my Sling Adapter-connected
    receiver to my Samsung Galaxy SII Skyrocket. I can even stream shows that I’ve
    recorded to my DVR. From my experience working at DISH, I have had the
    opportunity to use the app on my phone for a long time and it is awesome. Unlike
    the U-Verse app which saves available shows to the phone, the DISH Remote
    Access app streams TV as it happens. So the U-Verse app is included in most
    Android phones from AT&T, but it won’t be used by me!

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