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Touch Wiz For The Galaxy Tab 10.1 Leaks Out

XDA has done it again, this time they are offering an advance on the Touch Wiz update coming to the Samsung Galaxy Tab.  Although many people are saying that they aren’t going to take a Touch Wiz update to their Galaxy Tab, others are saying it’s improving speed, performance and user experience.  Touch Wiz (like rival HTC’s Sense) has been redesigned from the ground up for the tablet experience rather than retro-fitting the phone version for tablets.

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In addition to Samsung’s quirky “hubs” the TouchWiz update brings mini-apps as well. These mini apps cover some of the most used applications on the tablet and allow you to run them right on top of your current app. We all know that Honeycomb does a great job for multi-tasking but this gives you a “Dashboard” type feel that you’d actually get from Mac OS.

Many find it unbelievable that TouchWiz can enhance the Vanilla Honeycomb experience, but updating this way is a good way to try it out.  TouchWiz can be loaded on your Gtab 10.1 via Clockwork Recovery or Odin for complete instructions visit the source link.

Credit: XDA members love their credit however in the original source link there isn’t a clear “credit” posting in the Touchwiz thread however it appears that users LevitateJay,and  Stinky73 have something to do with it. If you know more XDA folks who worked on this project, shoot us an email or leave it in comments.


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